Solarcross electric bike
March 30, 2020

Solar-Cross (solar electric bike)

Welcome, I'am Terry Hope a self-taught solar electric ebike builder, after committing 3 years building my first solar electric vehicle conversion(THEKPV), I had learned enough to begin another solar EV project which I named Solar Cross electric bicycle (E-mtb).

100% Solar Powered bicycle test ride
Close up view
E-bike Drifting and Burnouts
Mid-Drive Electric Bike kit

  This solar electric bike is built upon an older Specialized FSR mountain bike frame which cost me $200 with an additional $500 to convert to solar electric with close to 100km range per charge.

Efficiency and portability are features of this 2 speed 9 geared ebike design, the custom freewheel crank consists of one 95T chain sprocket which the electric motor drives, on the inside of the sprocket are 36T chain-ring and behind this, an 18T chain-ring. Operation of 18T or low speed can reach speeds of >20km/h or an estimated climb 1000' ft/per hour with an extra 25kg of loaded weight, while the 36T chain-ring can reach 40km/h and while hybrid operation achieve +50km/h when rider pedals along with a 750Watt DC motor.

2011 SolarCross E-mtb Prototype
SolarCross Protoype

2013 SolarCross

2013 SolarCross ebike


Solar electric bicycle ride - no battery power required

I would like to say thanks - the solar e-bike conversion project could not have been made possible without:
Saint-Gobain DuPont GoPro WhiteOptics
HID Xenon kits

Kootenay Lake Ferry

Other Ideas

Sola-Folda solar charger /

Winter riding is also possible:
Electric Snow Bike DIY Conversion Kit

SolarCross DIY Electric Bike by Terry Hope - 05.15.2011